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Thursday, August 30, 2012


When Larry had woken this morning after spending the night with his girlfriend,  Audrey, he had been furious.  “What have you done, Audrey?  How did this happen?  You’ve made me a ‘fuc*ing girl, haven’t you?  Really cute!!!  Now change me back!”  “Oh, settle down Laura.  I like you better this way.  I just got tired of you talking about women the way you do.  And last night, when you told the lady in the booth behind us how gross it was to breastfeed in public and to go do it in the bathroom, I made up my mind that you needed to see the world from a female’s viewpoint.  Get used to this because you are not going back.  You can stay here with me for now, and you should be able to wear my clothes until you get some of your own.  Now get dressed.  We’re going to go to the park today.”  That afternoon in the park, Laura learned how it really felt as a woman.  

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