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Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Thursday, December 27, 2012


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I apologize for the dumb ad that just appeared on my blog.  I am working to get it removed.

the experiment

Arthur was out of work and on the verge of being evicted from his apartment because of past due rent. Disconnection notices for his
power and his phone had already arrived in the mail, and the water bill notice should be coming any day now. He was totally at a loss about what to do. Fortunately he did have a small part-time gig as
a bartender at Red's Ale House, but he only worked 10-15 hours a
night, and his earnings usually went to pay off hois bar tab. One
night he was sitting in the bar, drinking beer like he did most nights. It was boring, but he needed some relief from all of the problems he had currently. He picked up a copy of The Herald and was
casually looking through the Help Wanted section when an usual ad caught his attention. It was an
intriguing ad unlike any he had seen before:

for experimental medicinal formula
applicants must be male,
available for extended
period of time, and open
to new experiences
CALL 999-555-0666 TODAY
Arthur tore the advertisement out of the paper and carefully tucked it into his wallet. He would call them in the
morning--if his phone was still working. If not, he would find someplace to call from. And he did call the next morning about 9AM. A soft and sultry voice answered the phone, and took down his information. She explained that the experiment could last up to a year, and that living accommodations would be provided, including meals and proper clothing. Arthur understood that there may be some side effects from the formula, as there is with any medical procedure. She told Arthur that if he wanted to participate in the study, to come to
Evolutionary Technologies over on Lincold Parkway, Suite 133, the following Monday at 8AM sharp.

The next Monday Arthur was there when the security guard unlocked the front doors at 7:45. He went in, under the watchful eye of the guard, and sat down in the lobby. Soon he was joined by two other males, neither of whom knew any more than he did about this project.  Precisely at 8AM,   The three were taken in
a laboratory by a medical assistant and told to remove their clothes and place them in the boxes sitting on
the counter.  One of the 3 boys asked why this was necessary, only to be told "The docotr will need to examine you first."  He then asked if the doctor was a man or a woman, and hearing that the physician was a female just said "I ain't going to let no lady doctor see me naked," and stormed out of the room.  The two remaining lads removed  their clothes and put them in the assigned boxes.  The medical assistant gave each of them a
release form and asked them to read it and sign.  Neither one could understand all of the medical words, but they needed the money bad enough they signed it anyway, handing them back to the assistant.  She took the
forms and exited the room, returning in a few minutes with the doctor.

The doctor was also acompanied by a nurse with a clipboard.  She asked the boys to stand up so they could start the exam.  They both complied and the doctor pulled out a measuring tape and measured their chest sizes.
As she rattled off the measurement, the nurse wrote everything down very carefully.  Other measurements were done for BMI, height, weight and so on.  Eventually the exam moved a little lower:

It felt odd to be standing there and having a strange female play with your genitals, and Arthus began
to get a little erection, and then eventually a total one.  He tried to apologize to the doctor, but the
doctor said "That doesn't bother me a bit, boys.  Enjoy it while you can," and flashing a smaile at the
two.  The medical assistand and nurse both kind of giggled quietly.
The boys looked at each other, not completely understanding what the funny was.  Arthur finallt found the nerve to ask "What is this formula?  What will it do to us?"  The nurse explained that they didn't need to worry, the formula should not kill you.  It is just an experimental formula developed by a major pharmaceutical firm
in China, and the results so far have had some really striking experiences for those who have gone through this before."
As the exam came to a close, the doctor said "Well, it appears that you two will qualify just fine.  The nurse will get you each a robe and a pair of slippers for now.  She'll then bring each of you to my office where we will administer the formala to each of you.  Then you will be taken to your living quarters."  Once covered, the nurse took the boys in to see the doctor one at a time, with Arthur being the last of the two.  As he sat there in the office, he watched the doctor walk to a refrigerator a remove a vial of a redish-pinking liquid and carefully pour some into a clean plastic cup.  She rought it over to Arthur and sat down next to him, and tald him to drink it down as fast as he could...but told him it could have a salty flavor.  He was able to drink it all in abot five swallows, and handed the cup back to the doctor.  She then explained to him that there was now a process going on within him that would provide hm with some profound and enlightening changes in his life.  She explained that each subject has their own room, but will eat meals in the dining room with the staff.  The diet is a very carefully chosen one that is likely different from what you are used to.  And you will meet with myself
or Nurse Angel a minimum of treee times a day where more of the formula will be provided to you, and we can
sit and talk about how you feel at those times.  And, if you have any cares or concerns any time, whether night or day, you will have a call button in your room.  We will also be providing you with special musical DVD's designed especially for this experiment as well as special editions of movies.  With that, Arthur was taken to his room by an orderly.
The next several weeks continued pretty much in the routine that the doctor had described to Arthur on that first day.  And Arthur and the other participant could see and feel changes to their bodies.  Each seemed to
see that this formula was slowly, but surely, transforming them into girls, but oddly enough, neither appeared to be upset about this development.  In fact, each one of them seemed to be pleased and proud of the changes they were going through.  Gradually each one began to show an interest in girly things like hair care, nails, skin care and fashion.  For two guys who had never thought about such things before, this was a major development.  They had asked for, and received, training as beauticians during their time there and even began to prepare the meals for the staff--each trying to outdo the other with their culinary skills.  Their wardrobes had slowly been updated to keep up tith their mental transitions, with the staff not wanting to place anythung in their closets they they might revolt against and upset the delicate balance of the experiment.
Now, a little over a year later, they boys had evolved into two really attractive girls.  They were personally ecstatic over their changes and were anxious to return to public life and show what they had become.  The lab was not quite ready to release them, however, though blood and urine tests were showing that both boys were now genetically females.  No one would ever know that they had ever been boys.  In fact, in a few more months, the two subjects would not even have any memory of that.  
One last group of fetails still needed to be worked out.  First, the lab wanted to take then on supervised journeys out in the lab to see just how effectively they could assimilate into society after having been in the lab for well over a year.  Secondly, the final ID's, paperwork including diplomas and transcripts were not finished yet.  And, they wanted the girl's help in tweaking the formula so that it could become a popular beverage sold in all grocery stores and convenience stores.  They began with a few public outings...  Here the
girls help each other get dressed for the first time out:


This outing went well, as did several more in the weeks to come.  The doctor, the director of the lab, and the company who made the formula were ecstatic.  And the girls were very beneficial in helping the scientists to refine the formula so that it appealed to any and all American men, and plans were made to mass produce it
here in the USA.  Now the final days were approaching, and the girls were taken on an outing at the beach on Lake Tiffin:
The beach outing having been successful, the girls were provided with $5000 cash and gift cards to Macy's, Target, American Eagle, Aeropostle and numerous other stores so that they could buy a fitting wardrobe.  The two headed to Denver to begin their new lives.
Little did they know that the formula whose taste they helped to perfect, was nothing but an attempt by a foreign government to feminize the entire male population in this country so that it would be easier to take over the USA.  Who would have known?


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