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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The One Behind The Great Shift Needs A Medal

One For The Road


Sucking Her Brother's Cock Sucks

The Falling Star


They'll Be Suitable For Our Research

For Jessie, Fantasy Has Become Reality

Sister Sissifies Brother

Depending On Those Bouncing Boobs

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Following The Plan

She Never Disclosed The Mission

Missed The Deadline


You can float 20 miles above Earth in a cozy balloon. There’s a capsule attached to a helium balloon that takes voyagers 100,000 feet high for a 5-hour journey. The $75,000 reservations to sail through the stratosphere begin launching in 2016. Source

I Own You Now, Sit!

Now Works The Bachelor Party Circuit

It's Taking Forever

Make It Stop

Stop it, Christyne, just stop it.  Please,
I can't take any more.

No can do, Martin.  I'm sorry, but you
were the one that asked me to help
you to see what it felt like to have an
orgasms as a woman.  Crap, you've
only had 7 and you're already whining.
I'm going to let you have maybe 20,
or 30 or 4o more.  I just love watching 
you acting like a dog in heat.

No, please!  I can't take any more.
If I have 30 more I think I'll die.
Christyne, please just change me back.

Martin, if I dare say so, you are really 
a wuss.  Maybe I'll let you have those 
30 more just for the heck of it.  I'm 
enjoying this one.  And you aren't 
going to die, trust me on that honey.

OMG, another one.  Look, can you just
at least make them a few minutes 
apart so I can recover.  This back to
back stuf..  oh..  oh..  ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You haven't seen anything yet, Martin.
I've also decided that after 35 orgasms
you'll be pregnant.  Wait till you see how
it feels to give birth......after all those
months of labor.

And Rose Becomes His Domme

Little One

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wrestling As You've Never Seen It Before

OH, Hey, Thanks Everybody!!!

this is simply an awesome milestone

let's go for 4,000,000 next

Unbelievable Evening

Sissies Can Be So Much Fun

Do You Have Anything Stronger Than This Coffee?

The Secret Surprise Coming Out Party

Lesson Learned, And Learned Well

For The Good Of The School

Get Ready For One Of Mommy's Shots

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Isn't Daddy Wonderful?


Hope you all liked my marathon
postings of caps and stuff today.
we're leading up to another 
milestone very soon

worth pondering

logija h0rs3sh1t
Just a reminder that James Holmes shot 82 people, walked out of a movie theater armed to the teeth and was arrested peacefully, while Mike Brown and a 12 year old boy with a toy gun were shot to death by cops because of "self-defense."

The Long Walk Home


transawareness wherethequeerthingsare
textual reminders to myself and everyone else who deals with misgendering and dysphoria everyday. trans & non-binary sølidarity forever

To Start

Ready For The Next Step

Master Knows He Is A Good Sissy

Why Are We Nude? Good Question.....


Tomorrow They Will All Know


Bringing In More Business