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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

bend over and i'll stick it to you

deep subject...should inhale it more slowly

Cat that barks like a dog until it is caught and meows again.

this is funny and so cute..................

bouncing, bouncing

a glimpse from the past

sorry, but still not quite well enough to make some new captions.  it's funny how poor health can sometimes affect your ability to think clearly.  however, i am posting a few of my earlier captions here just so you all don't forget about me, or think i died......  trust me, i'll still be back to haunt you.  however, i am posting a lot on 'my other blog' since that really doesn't require much thinking.  check it out--link on the right.  it is an interesting combination of recipes, news, pictures, videos and cute stories, and so totally unlike this blog....  the other one almost makes me appear somewhat normal, not like the the distorted person is can seem to be here---alexis

Monday, August 26, 2013


sorry for lack of posts...... been in hospital....hope to resume soon..............

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aunt Gloria Doesn't Like Males In The House

I Keep Him Around To Remind Myself.............

A Borrowed Post

I Saw this post on and liked it.  I thought I would share it with you...
Check her site out.................

Bradley had gotten dragged to a magic show by his girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend Len.  He hated magic because he was always a skeptic - he knew that this crap didn't work for real and that it was all smoke and mirrors.  Nonetheless, he wanted to earn points with his girlfriend Melissa so he went but not without a chip on his shoulder.

Len excitedly sat down, asking Bradley if he'd ever been to see Chris Whiz: Wizard Of Another World before.  Bradley rolled his eyes and shook his head no.  They sat back and watched the show.  It was filled with cheesy tricks and lame illusions.  Bradley began drinking...maybe it would make the show go by faster he thought.

About half an hour in, he was pretty trashed and started heckling Chris.  Len, embarrassed, had ducked out to the lobby for a smoke.  Chris finally noticed Bradley, "You need some manners my good sir.  That's no way for a lady to behave!"

"Screw you man, I'm a guy!" laughed Bradley, kicking back another vodka.

"Oh is that so?  Well how about you come up here and we'll make sure I didn't make a mistake" said Chris

Bradley shrugged and stumbled up to the stage.  Chris made him sit down and breath deeply.  "Audience, help me out - one - two - three!" He flung his hands at Bradley and POOF a cloud of purple dust engulfed him.  When the dust settled Bradley looked down at himself and then up at Chris.

"Dude what the fuck!  What did you do to me??"

"I turned you into a lady, madam!"

Len walked in just as Bradley had been changed.  His jaw dropped...and then he burst into laughter.

"Well, shit change me back.  I can't be like this!"

"Actually you can't switch back for at least a week.  Magic rules and such you know."

Bradley was freaking out, he couldn't stay like this.  What would Melissa say?  Unknown to him, Melissa had arranged the whole thing.  She felt that his drinking had gotten out of hand and he needed to learn what it's like for a girl in a relationship to deal with not being listened to all the time.  She had recruited Len to date him for the next week to see if Bradley (now Brittany) would learn anything.