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Saturday, November 23, 2013

a few words..............

........I'm sorry for the sporadic captioning lately.  I've been using a mixture of older caps, and newer caps, to provide you with current offerings.  The situation is that about three months ago I developed some sort of an infection in my lungs.  Actually, it appears to be a combination of two different but related infections.  They aren't likely to kill me, but the treatment might.  The treatment generally will be for somewhere between 9 and 18 months.  Right now I am on 4 different antibiotics that I had even never heard of before.  The process of adjusting to these meds has been a challenge, and I often struggle with loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness and a few other symptoms. The funny part of this treatment is that it can also cause 'shortness of breath.'  Heck, that's my symptom before the meds. Right now I'm taking them all every day, but I understand that in a few months I should be able to reduce that to maybe 3 times a week...  The onset of winter has me very concerned because should I get anything like the flu, or pneumonia, it will quite likely cause me major problems.  So, please bear with me...thx

The Training of a Sissy

Aunt Julia Tells How Trey Became A Girl

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Museum Trip

Trapped By The Sorority

The Two Boys Are Not Happy

The boys, both friends for years, were not happy to be doing this.
This was actually the last place they wanted to be.  But the girls
had found their secret stack of transvestite books and magazines
and were using that to blackmail them.  Tonight they are competing
in the local GLBT talent show.  It would be very embarrassing, and
they just knew that everyone would start talking about them after
tonight.  But tonight won't be their last night en femme.  The girls
have already told them that there is more to come.

Cindy, in fact, has already told them that the girls will have some
huge surprises when homecoming comes up next month.  They'll
have to ask their parents soon about dress shopping.

And there is more to come for them.....