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Monday, June 30, 2014

Never Betting Again

The Coach Won

Here are the starting six players for the
Millville Mauraders basketball team.  At
the start of the year they had bet their
coach that they would have a winning
season.  Guess what, their record was a
poor 13-29.  Since the boys lost the bet,
they had to go to the Spring Prom, as girls,
with members of the football team.  This 
may be an interesting night for the 'girls.'

Proof They Do Exist

i found some, right here
stupid power company..........

kept going out again today.

hope they finally got it fixed tho

Haunted By A Different Vision

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Taking The Knot

kcscuckyboi sissysally69
Taken from Xtube video by, Balless is a eunuch with his testicles removed.  
that is so fucking hot, I love how he just takes the knot :) I know how he feels hehe

Roll Em'

asiangirl From Asia, with love (51 Photos)


Welcome To The Training School

Grabbing The Joy Stick

kcscuckyboi dreamsofmistress
Grasping the cock like a joy stick provides pleasure for both and signals the male that he is entirely in her hands for his pleasure.

Oh, You're Going To The Beach Alright, Just Not Your Way

Camping, Anyone?

The Body Swap

Ernie couln't believe this was happening, but it
obviously was.  How could he had even contemplated
such an idea?

Let's go back in time a little so this scenario actually
makes a little sense.  It primarily began years ago
when Ernie and Melissa were in grade school.  Ernie
never understood why Melissa consistently teased
and tormented him.  It made no sense4, since he had
never done anything bad to her, at least that he knew 
of.  But it was really getting old, and very fast too.

Ernie began to devise a plan to exact revenge on her,
and he decided that a body swap was what he needed
to do.  Maybe if he took control of her body for maybe
a weekend, he could bring her down off her high
perch.  And, besides, then maybe he could discover
just what made her the way she was.  He located a 
book in the library titled "Ridiculous Spells That People 
Think Really Work."  He figured it must have been 
written by a skeptic.  But he'd used this spell before 
and he knew it worked.  That night, as he read the 
spell, he thought "OK, Melissa, here I come."  

Suddenly he was in a strange room--a girl's room.  As
he glanced around the room, he heard the sound of
a key in the door.  It opened and a man walked in.  
It had to be Melissa's dad.  He handed her two pairs
of cuffs and told her to strip, that he's be back in a
few minutes.  What the heck, Ernie thought.  He just
sat there...bewildered.  The man returned and looked
angry.  "Bitch, I told you to take off those clothes.  Now
do it!."  Reluctantly she did as told.  He told her to get
on the bed and put her hands behind her back.  The
cuffs were then snapped on her wrists and ankles.  The
rest of the weekend was spend as her father's sex toy. 
This was not how Ernie had envisioned it.  Now he could 
see why Melissa had been so mean.  She needed someone
to abuse for her self-image, and he was the one she
chose.  And poor Ernie would eventually discover that
this time the reverse spell wouldn't work.  He was stuck
as Melissa now.  This literally sucked.  But at school on
Monday, Ernie and Melissa felt a common bond now.

The Sissy Cure?

Open Invitation

Poor Little Sissy