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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Carlosa (updated)

Carlos had always dreamed of being a knight, and
although he had been granted conditional membership in
the Society of Greater Knighthood, he had not yet been
able to show the others that he was indeed worthy of
full membership.  There just hadn't beeb a lot of princesses
kidnapped recently.

One day on the news, Carlos heard that Princess Charlene
of Narvdada had been kidnapped by the mean witch Gracie.
This was his chance, at last, to show the Society that he
could face the witch and bring back the Princess.

He set off, and finally located the castle where Princess
Charlene was being held.  Under the dark of night, Carlos
climbed over the castle wall and eventually located her
down in the dungeon.  After overpowering the guards, Carlos
took the keys and freed the Princess.  As Carlos was helping
her over the castle wall, he was challenged by Witch Gracie.
A long and gruelling sword fight followed, and although
Carlos did emerge the victor, the witch had cursed him 
during the confrontation.  The damage was done. 

Yet Carlosa was still pleased the she had freed the Princess.
She could return to the Society of Greater Knighthood proud
of what she had done.  She wasn't sure if they allowed
female knights or not, but that really mattered not.  She and
Charlene had each other now, and will forever after.

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