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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dr. Mary

original cap

the following caption was inspired by a comment from Ftygrl


  1. Love what you did with my suggestion ! The wife is happy ; no more cheating husband and he still gets punished ; and the doctor benefits from not having to sedate and cleaning up a bloody mess. As a bonus, the new daughter gets to grow up and be spoiled rotten. However, she still needs a name- I vote for Vickie, Victoria, or Veronica ! Do you take other ideas for captions, cause I got a wild imagination ? More soon ?

    1. yes, I do, Ftygrl, and I would love to have your imagination in my basket....

  2. Deal. I 'll send you some ideas and you can pick and choose.

  3. you know, coming up with ideas day, after day, after day is not easy. trust me on that. and as such, I welcome any suggestions for caption ideas------from anyone. I have loads of saved pictures to draw on. and I do try really hard not to read too many captions from others so I don't have anyone think I stole their idea. so yes, come on, give me ideas, folks.