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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nate's stuck

Nate was beginning to get very frustrated with his little sister, Sally, and her friends. 7 weeks ago they had been playing around with a book of spells her friend Janet had borrowed from her aunt. They thought it would be funny to make Nate spend the summer as a girl. The girls had found his transition very humorous. When his mother found out what they had done, she wasn’t amused, and told them to turn him back immediately. But there was a problem.  It seem that they had forgotten 

the actual words they used in casting the spell, and even Janet’s aunt was unable to figure out a reversal, though she had tried many times.   But time was running out, and school was going to start in 17 more days.  He needed to get back to being normal NOW!  And right now, at this moment, he was ready to scream.  His parents had just informed him that he needed to face reality, and might as well accept the fact that she was going to be Natalie from now on, and to quit fighting it so much.  "Besides, Natalie, you look much cuter than you used to."


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