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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Randy spent the day pondering his new life.  He didn’t remember a lot about
any former life, but he could remember that he had really made his girlfriend
angry.  He remembered things going dark, and when he woke up this morning
there was a note pinned to his nightie.  He had read it over and over.  He even
had memorized it:
 “Dear Randi.  I finally got tired of your womanizing, and sick of your sexist comments, and decided to let experience things from the female perspective.  My aunt is a very powerful witch and I asked her for a potion to change you into a functional 19 year old girl which, you can see, worked quite well.  In addition, she added an extra ingredient that is really pretty clever.  Somewhere within you is a pouch of timed release sperm, which is the only sperm that will impregnate you.  You can sleep around all you want and not worry.  However,  9 times in the next 20 years a portion of that sperm will be released, and you will become pregnant.
There is nothing you can do about it, and you won’t know you are pregnant until you begin
to have symptoms.  I left you 3 books about motherhood on the kitchen table for you to read.  There is also a lot of information on the internet.  Now I have 3 suggestions for you.  First, I suggest you buy some pads and tampons as you will have regular periods.  Second, you need to choose a gynecologist/obstetrician and get to know them well.  Third, you will want to
go shopping, as I only left you 2 outfits.  There is a credit card on the table you can use. Have fun dear!  You have so many fun experiences ahead of you.”

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