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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Terry was late.  He had to hurry but trying to run in heels wasn’t as easy as it looked on television, especially in this dress.  IT was 11:51 by the clock in the square, and when he had rented this magic dress from the old lady at the MAGIC EMPORIUM,  she had told him that there would be a penalty if the dress was brought back late.  The Rental Agreement he had signed stipulated the dress had to be returned no later
than midnight.  “What sort of penalty could there be,” he wondered as he moved  down the sidewalk.  “A 10% fee, 20%?”  when he arrived at the magic emporium  and opened the door, there was the old lady at the counter—waiting.  “You are 132 seconds late.  We had an agreement.”  “I know,” said Terry.  “And I remember there is a penalty, and I will be happy to pay what you want.  This dress was worth it to me."  “Oh, trust me, little one.  You will pay the penalty.  Did you read the agreement entirely before you signed it?  “No, I didn’t,” said Terry, “I assumed it was a staNDARD costume rental contract.”  “It basically was,” said the old lady.  “However, in the agreement it also said that after midnight, the magic spell
 could not be undone. You, I am afraid, are now and forever going to be a girl. Have fun, dearie.”

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