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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moving To The Next Level Of Training


  1. I do not know how there are no comments yet. I think this is perfect. A long, flowing gown in sissy pink. A tight corset shaving his waist and a strapless top to fold down for her date to savor her little breasts. I am sure that one can hear her petticoats from quite a way off. Long blonde tresses framing the face of an Angel soon to be covered in the cum she cannot swallow. Oddlt, I am wondering what shoes she is wearing. Something she is unable to get away in if she freaks out. Or perhaps a chain connecting her ankles to insure she takes short steps.

  2. Lee, thank you for all of your fine, and very nice, comments. I do try to make an interesting blog, with a variety of captions covering many topics. I know not every caption will appeal to every viewer, but I can live with that. Feedback, however, is always good....even those that tell me the caption isn't their type. Or that they can't stand it.