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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Aunty Wanda's Surprising Will


  1. Love this one ! Reminds me of another called "House On Haunted Hill " by OTURUS ( Sadly a defunct TG-caption site ). In it a young man inherits a spooky old house and ignoring warnings moves in. Finds a mysterious mirror carved with strange runes and stares into its glassy depths. Gradually a beautiful ghost appears and takes him over ; she's the dead previous owner and Queen of harlots. He vanishes ; she remains and begins setting up shop again for new customers. Sequel to your caption please ?

    1. I enjoyed the OTURUS captions and even have a few of them saved. I'll see what I can do for a sequel, Ftygrl.....and I do enjoy your comments very much

    2. OK, I have it done. Will post later this evening or tomorrow. I couldn't do it in 1 though, so it will be 4 parts.