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Thursday, December 3, 2015

They Found The Spell Book And........

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  1. And, from the looks of it, those plans include making their former tormentor their new favorite toy!
    So, with that in mind, Alexis, I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts on where your scenario might lead.

    "... "That's it," says B.S. #1 as she shoves her fingers - wet with the former Jack's new vaginal lubricant - into Jacki's mouth, "keep teasing his twat with your tongue, but don't let him come yet."

    "Not a chance, babe," B.S. #2 replies between licks as her tongue dances around & along Jacki's labia, neither delving between them nor touching the tender jewel at their apex.

    Jackji's mouth waters as her lips wrap around the fingers in her mouth and she wonders, "Who is this "he" that she's talking about? There's, like, nobody here but us girls," while she spreads her legs farther apart and tries unsuccessfully to thrust her pelvis against B.S. #2's oral love-muscle for better contact!
    Her eyes open to the sight of B.S,'s #3 thru 5 buckling a selection of graduating-sized strap-ons to their beautiful, broad hips, thinking, "Ooh! I hope they're going to share those with me!"

    "When you guys are ready go ahead and start lubing those things up inside his tasty pussy, but don't let him climax 'til we've all plunged ours in some," B.S #1 instructs her cohorts. "Then, once he's been acclimated and we've got him begging for more, we'll let Jacki handle our whole client load - or, should I say, "all our client's loads" - and we'll take the night off." ..."