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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Tables Are Turned

Linda had been raped by her brother one too many times, and she was eager for
revenge.  By chance she overheard Marci talking about the new shop at the mall
that sold spells for any reason someone wanted to cast one on another.  Right
after school she and Marci went to the mall and found the shop.  When she

couldn't locate the one that seemed right for the circumstances, she talked with
the old gypsy at the counter and explained the situation.  The gypsy
lady asked a few questions, and told Linda to wait right there.  "I make something just for you, missy."  She went into the back store room.  In about 5 minutes she came back and handed Linda a vial, explaining that Linda must make sure that both she and her
brother drank half of the vial.  That night when she prepared supper, Linda put
half of the vial in her milk, and the other half in her brother's milk.  The next morning
the siblings each awoke in the body of the other.  Since it was Saturday, her mother

had left to go shopping early.  The new Linda was in shock, not knowing what was going
on.  She just sat at the vanity staring at her new body.  Larry, formerly Linda, saw the time was right to teach her former brother a lesson. As soon as Linda saw her former self  

enter the room, her first words were "Oh, Pooie, I'm fucked."

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